If you have a basic grasp of how to juggle three balls (using the cascade pattern) then you are ready to try the juggling clubs. Let's start with the basics - How to Juggle 3 Clubs. Here are three videos, hopefully one of these works for you.

How to juggle 3 clubs

by Coach BOB

How to juggle 3 clubs

by Sebastian Hoeher

How to Juggle 3 clubs

by the Juggling Guild

Now let's learn the kick up...

Kick ups

by Anthony Gatto

Advanced Kick ups

by Steve Birmingham

Now, let's perfect our flourish

Flourishes by

Taylor Tries

Time for an advanced tutorial on juggling tricks...

Various club juggling tricks

by the Juggling Guild

Quick list of juggling tricks

by Takuzo

Let's do the backcross


by the Juggling Guild


by Doug Sayers

Now check out the Daniel Menendez tutorials to see if you missed anything...

Daniel Menendez

Easy Part 1

Daniel Menendez

Easy Part 2

Daniel Menendez

Easy Part 3

And we still have 4 clubs, 5 clubs, passing and juggling torches to come...WOW!!